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Tabi3Sixty - Together: Above & Beyond Innovation.  

Tabi360 is an award-winning creative production house with titles travelled from Venice to El Gouna Egypt.

The story of Tabi3Sixty is that of international and regional producers coming together to make Jordan their spiritual home.

Our Producers have worked on a great many numbers of projects across the media spectrum, from Documentary to fiction, digital content to animation, and everything in between.  


The 3Sixty in our name alludes to our ability to execute projects from every angle, and in every phase: from content creation, fixing and producing, high-quality line production, post-production, and beyond (sales, distribution, and marketing).


Content is king, and not only are we passionate about the importance of content. We also believe that the quality of our content is the best representative of our work.


Edutainment, Ethics, and Entertainment:

Our process is always held to high ethical standards, enshrines great entertainment quality, and espouses value in the content itself.



We believe in staying ahead of the curve, technically, narratively, and dynamically, working always to achieve the highest standards.


Green Production: 

As a business, we strive to have a minimal negative impact on the global and local environment, and community. We have been working with regional green initiatives such as Greener Screen to ensure environmentally-friendly productions by 2020.

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